Home Cooking Classes

Let Jozseph Schultz show you how to bring the world home...

The Extended Dinner Party

If you want to learn the world's cooking, the best place to do it is in your own kitchen or backyard. You need to know how to work with the equipment, ingredients, and spaces available to you, not those available to a chef in an ideal kitchen. Plan a menu for from 2 to about 30 from India Joze encyclopedic history. Jozseph provides detailed shopping lists and shopping information. Jozseph brings some high-powered equipment (available for purchase), some difficult to obtain ingredients, and his extensive experience in training all levels of professional and amateur cooks to your home. Have your guests come early and work with Jozseph to unfold the cooking secrets of the world's cuisines liberally spiced with cultural history. Hand-outs of the recipes available.

Menus are possible featuring foods to make ahead and assemble for later party service. Or a few dishes at a time can be created, enjoyed and discussed, followed by more and more in a food parade.

The basic rate is $350 for up to fifteen people and $450 for up to thirty, which includes an assistant for schlepping and clean-up. The cost of the food usually runs between about seven dollars and twenty dollars per person, depending upon the menu. Shopping, extended clean-up, and extremely difficult access are extra. Travel to anywhere in the world is negotiable.Surprisingly ambitious menus are possible anywhere: at the beach or forest for example. Running water and electricity are not necessary(they're still luxuries in much of the world.)