Historical Cuisines

Joze has performed the following cuisines in a variety of settings and looks forward to opportunities for further delight. Shakespearean cuisine: If Food be the Music of Love... Ancient Rome: Decadence Never Tasted So Good Russian Banquet Royal Indian Rijstafel (Dutch Colonial Indonesian) Sun King Cuisine

In addition, our historical researchers await the opportunity to recreate the following cuisines. Ancient Egyptian from Hatshepsut to Cleopatra Ancient Persian from Cyrus to Alexander the Great to 1001 Nights The Cuisine of the Queen of Sheba (Ancient Ethiopean) A Dickens Christmas A Celebration of Empire: Victorian Cuisine Pre-Columbian Feasting 70s Hippy Cuisine Medieval Sicilian Cuisine: The Renaissance before the Renaissance The Cuisine of the Troubadours. In the Palace of the Sultan: Ottoman Cuisine

This is only a partial listing of available cuisines. We are happy to discuss how we could replicate the cooking of any country at any historical period for your group. Lectures/slide shows available. Please call or e-mail for sample menus or to set up a meeting.