Chai Retailers

11th Hour Coffee House, Westside ~> 402 Ingalls St, SC, CA 95060

The Food Bin ~> 1130 Mission St, SC, CA 95060

Homeless Garden Project Store ~> 1338 Pacific Ave (betwn Walnut & Church), SC, CA 95060

Shoppers Corner ~> 622 Soquel Ave, SC, CA 95062

Wild Roots ~> 6240 CA-Hiway 9, Felton, CA 95018

Mountain Farm & Feed Store ~> 9550 CA-Hiway 9, BenLomond, CA 95005

OR if all else fails, you can arrange pick up & payment at India Joze Chai Cottage Kitchen in Happy Valley .5 mile past Mystery Spot ~ Call for availability + to coordinate pick-up: 831.325.3633

If You Want Somebody Else to Make It For You

(May not be exactly like we used to do.)
11th Hour Coffee House===Both locations
Honey Bee Cafe Downtown
Delmarette Downtown
Joze Chai is perfect for business, because of its quality, shelf life, flexibility and ties to Santa Cruz illustrious past. If your business would like to carry it, please contact us.

Chai in Health and History

India traded China Buddhism for tea, called "chai" in Sanskrit and Hindi, more than 2,500 years ago.

Now the world's most popular beverage after water, "tea" properly refers only to the infusion of the leaves of Camellia sinensis, hence "chai" could refer to any and all such preparations. In modern India, tea is usually boiled up very strong with milk and lots of sugar, as spices and honey are comparatively expensive, honey so much so that it is sometimes consumed straight as a dessert. Ayurveda is an ancient system of Indian medicine which thousands of years ago codified the use of certain foods and spices to restore and maintain the balance of different kinds of physiological constitutions. According to ancient practice, honey is the "Perfection of the Sweet,"the best of vehicles for preserving and delivering therapeutic and rejuvenating substances. It also balances the pungent and virilizing properties of the spices in Jozseph's Chai.

Milk is added to tea as the perfect synthesis of plant and animal. On a less metaphorical basis, milk completes the flavor saturation of the tea with its protein and richness. Almond, rice or soy milk perform much the same function, though some brands may be overly sweet. The spices in Jozseph's chai are all said to improve milk's digestibility.

Most imbibers prefer black tea or a mixture of green and black tea with Jozseph's Chai. If you are avoiding caffeine, de-caffeinated teas work well, as do roasted grain teas like Mu Zest. Chamomile and Mint Chai also has its adherents. A small, but vocal, minority likes Jozseph's Chai in coffee.

Ancient and modern Ayurvedic writers disagree about the specific properties of different spices. Over the years at India Joze, I have found this balance of pungent and cooling spices, which one reviewer referred to as "like falling in love," to meet the needs for excitement and refreshment of a large percentage of the population. If you are unhappy in any way with Jozseph's Chai, please return it to me or your retailer for a full refund.

Chai Recipes

There's lots more to Joze Chai than meets the eye.
Drinks hot and cold of course. Try it in Hot Buttered Rum or Lemonade.
Further afield, take a look and our Recipes