BEYKOZ KEBAB Beykoz Kebabi
3 Servings
1 lamb brain
1 soup spoon butter
2 and 1/2 glasses water
2 medium and 1 large tomato
2 onions
3 large eggplants
6 soup spoons oil
750 grams of lamb cut into 6 pieces

Cut the eggplants into 4 slices, lengthwise. Salt and let stand 1/2 hour. Wash and squeeze them. Lightly brown them in a frying pan containing 6 soup spoons of oil. Put aside. In the remaining oil, partially cook the meat. Add the 2 onions and the peeled chopped tomatoes. Cook for 3 minutes then pour it all into a saucepan. Add a soupspoon of butter, 1/2 soup spoon of salt, 1 and 1/2 glasses of water. Cook on a low heat for 1 and 3/4 to 2 hours.

Remove the meat from the saucepan and put onto a plate. Roll each piece of meat in 2 eggplant slices, one at a right angle to the other. Fix the ends with toothpicks, if necessary. Place the wrapped pieces of meat in a large, deep frying pan. Clean the brain under running water. Remove the membrane and the small veins. Boil for 15 minutes in water. Cut into 6 pieces and place one on each piece of meat. Decorate the top with a tomato slice. Pour the sauce in which the meat was cooked into the frying pan. Cover and cook on a low heat for 1/2 hour.