YOGHURT BOREK Yogurtlu Borek
1/2 bunch dill
150-200 grams white cheese
150-200 grams yoghurt
2 egg yolks
3 yufka
50 grams butter

Place one "yufka" over the other, spreading softened butter over. the first and second layers. Spread the yoghurt on the third. Following the diameters cut the stacked "yufkas" into fourths, then eighths and finally 16 equal triangular pieces.

Mash together the white cheese, parsley, chopped dill, and an egg yolk. Place a roll of filling at the base of each triangle. Roll the base of the triangle toward the point. To give them an even shape, cut the sides straight.

Place the borek on a buttered baking dish. Dip in egg yolk and bake until the borek are golden brown.