For approximately 12 borek:

1 yufka
1/2 bunch dill
1/2 bunch parsley
1/2 glass oil
150-200 grams white cheese

Spread out one "Yufka" and fold it in half. Cut along the diameter, producing 2 half-circles, one on the other.

To make the "cigarettes" trace 5 to 7 lines from the center of the straight side, forming sharp triangles. Place a little mixture of white cheese, parsley and dill at the base of the triangle. Roll toward the point while folding in the 2 sides to prevent the filling from leaking out. To make the point stick to the dough, dip it in a saucer of water before finishing the last roll.

When made, the "amulet borek" has a triangular shape. Fold the "yufka" in two and cut along the diameter to obtain the 2 half-circles, one over the other. Cut each "yufka" with a knife in 10 cm. wide lengths perpendicular to the diameter, giving you long strips of dough.

Place a small portion of mashed white cheese, parsley and dill mixture at the base of each strip. Take the small side of the strip and fold it to the large side, and then take the point and fold it to the next side. Continue until the end of the strip. (See diagram).

Stick the last point to the dough by dipping it in water first. When the borek are thus prepared, fry them in oil until golden brown in color.

How to roll the cigarette borek
How to fold the amulet borek