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For 13 years, many, many people have been asking me when I was going to re-open India Joze. When just such an opportunity recently presented itself, I discussed it with family, friends, and long-time supporters. I was gratified by the tremendous outpouring of enthusiasm for the idea. Patrons, clients, customers, co-revelers---your steadfast support is what made it all possible with the original India Joze. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping make it all possible again.

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Wally & Lois Goldfrank Jack Schultz Debora & Karsten Wade Anonymous
Marty Schrank Nancy Chen Martha Benedict David Klemp
Michael & Geraldine Abbett Tiina Seppalainen Tara Fatemi Scott & Peggy Seltz
Carol Panofsky & Stanley Allison Garcia Bill Muench Dana Frank
Natalie Roths Zack Schlesinger Jo Lynn & Frederic Jones Tamara Parker Kelly
Darrel Kelly Gary Bergthold Lieyl Bowker Rebecca Braslau
Scott & Leann Bugental Betsy Cameron Wilma & John Chandler Doug Charnock
Dovetail Construction Anne Easley Shelly Errington Ilene Feinman
Betsy Firebaugh Bill & Chris Green Jacquelyn Griffith Diane Grunes
Catherine Gunderson Darren Huckle Stephen Kessler Christine King
Bethann La Barba Mark Lipson John Peck Dave & Gloria Peterson
Mathilde Rand Meg Sandow Neils & Pat Sundermeyer Kenny Welcher
Byron Wheeler Lean-Ann Williams Troels Petersen & Jessie Lacy Woutje Swets
Lynne Basehore Peggy Dolgenos Chris Neklason Lynne & Eric Cooper


Many of you have commented on how unfair it is that a community resource like India Joze is dependent upon so many people randomly deciding to go out to eat. I am trying to address the peculiar nature of food establishments, that have such tremendous start up costs and on-going overhead, with relatively low incremental costs for each customer. Discount coupons have always seemed unfair to me; the loyal customers who pay full price are subsidizing the coupon-clippers looking for a deal.

One idea I have to turn that around is to sell tiered gift certificates. The more expensive ones come with huge discounts, so a $1000 gift certificate would be worth $1200 in food. The less expensive ones would be less discounted, so a $500 gift certificate would be worth $550.

The further way I honor an ongoing committment to Joze is this. So long as you hold $1000 in gift certificates that you haven't spent, you get a 20% discount on everything: classes, catering, equipment, restaurant food and to go stuff.

(Except gift certificates: you have to buy $1000 in gift certificates to get the 20% discount.) This is a way for India Joze to pay dividends to the Joze community.

I invite your comments.

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